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Welcome to the Morey Oil South Pacific Website.

Manufacturers and distributors of top-quality lubricants, and spill containment material.

Morey Oil South Pacific Ltd is a privately owned company established in 1983. Head office is based in Auckland, New Zealand with a distribution branch in Brisbane, Australia.

Our company specialises in high quality lubricants, which includes Morey’s Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, Upper Cylinder Lubricant & Injector Cleaner for petrol engines, and Diesel Smoke Killer & Injector Cleaner for diesel engines.

We also supply food grade lubricants designed specifically for the food industry and a comprehensive range of lubricating grease from light to heavy duty industrial use.

Products sold under the Morey’s and Guardsman brands maintain an excellent reputation for high performance and quality. Morey Oil has quality control procedures in place with international accreditation of ISO 9001along with ISO14001 and ISO45001 accreditations.

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About Us