Morey's Air Tool Oil


Modern air tools and various machines operated by compressed air require specialised lubrication to resist the formulation of acids, sludge, varnish and rust that rob tools of speed and power. Especially engineered for the care of all piston-type and rotary air tools MOREY’S® Air Tool Oil prevents deposits forming, and it prevents rust during storage. Ensures adequate lubrication at start up. *Ensures maximum output and top performance in oil mist and inline systems *Excellent water separation properties MOREY’S® AIR TOOL OIL: * Removes sludge and varnish that rob air tools of speed and power. * Will not harm O-rings or seals. * Helps keep air tools in peak condition.

Available in:

  • 250ml bottle
  • 1lt bottle
  • 20lt pail
  • 60lt drum
  • 208lt drum