Morey's BigFoot EP2 Grease


Categorically the best high temperature /multi-purpose/ tacky-adhesive EP grease for heavy duty, severe service applications. Product Description: BIGFOOT GREASE is a superior Lithium Complex Grease to provide excellent lubricating qualities over a wide range of temperatures. Designed for work under the toughest conditions in operating temperatures from 4°C to +200°C , with excellent mechanical and chemical stability. BIGFOOT is the grease designed to always ”stay in place” under the worst operating conditions of water-dirt-mud, providing maximum protection.

MPI Approved C 11

Available in:

  • 60gm turntable grease sachets
  • 400gm cartridges – 450gm cartridges
  • 500gm pots
  • 2.5kg pail
  • 18kg pail (NZ)
  • 20kg pail (AU)
  • 55kg drum
  • 180kg drum