Morey's Red-i EP2 Waterproof Marine Grease


A unique, premium, heavy duty EP Multi-Purpose grease designed around the environmentally conscious user. RED-i Waterproof Marine Grease is a premium heavy duty, EP Multi-Purpose Lithium Complex grease fortified with polymers, anti-wear agents, tackiness additives and rust and corrosion inhibitors. This grease is designed to ”stay-in-place” and lubricate under the most severe operating conditions found in marine service. It is unsurpassed in resisting water wash-out and protecting against wear in shock loading applications.

RED-i Waterproof Marine grease is a unique product designed around the environmentally conscious user, delivering unsurpassed salt & fresh water wash-out and corrosion inhibiting performance needed for today’s demanding marine conditions.  Its unexcelled water wash-out resistance, truly allows users to minimise the impact on the environment. RED-i Waterproof exceeds the toughest demands and highest performance standards.

Available in:

  • 450gm cartridges
  • 500gm pots
  • 2.5kg pail
  • 18kg pail (NZ)
  • 20kg pail (AU)
  • 55kg drum
  • 180kg drum